About Salle de Couture

Why do I want to teach you to sew?

 I love to sew!  I love to make beautiful things for my own and other peoples homes, as well as lovely clothes, bags and gifts and much more!  There is nothing that makes me happier than to see other people developing the same passion for sewing that I have and I would love to teach you if you are looking to learn. Classes are available for all levels, even if you have never plugged in a sewing machine or picked up a dress pattern.  Take a look at our list of courses and see what you'd like to learn.  I promise it will be fun x

Why 'Salle de Couture'?

I started Salle de Couture not only to embrace my love for sewing, but also so I could work from my home sewing room, letting me spend more time with my hubby and my little people.  My favourite room in our home is my 'sewing room' and since we moved in, over ten years ago, so much of my time has been spent creating all manner of items for my children, my home, and the people I know.  I while away (too!) many hours at my machine, and love every minute.

My other absolute favourite past-time is our family holidays, which we always spend in France.  The perfect time for us all to de-stress and spend some proper time together.  I love France and over the years I have drawn lots of inspiration from the places we have visited there, particularly in the soft furnishings I have made.

I wanted my business name to reflect both these reasons.  So, whilst 'couture' is more commonly associated with high fashion, the literal translation of a 'Salle de Couture' is a 'Sewing Room'.  A full circle that articulates, for me, all my favourite things 

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