Teaching lovely people to learn to sew!

Sewing Classes For Children Ages 11+

Sewing Workshops (3hrs)


Hands on, practical and fun workshop for young adults ages 11+.

Workshops will be kept small with a maximum of 4 students per class and will include an introduction to sewing safely and using a machine, practising different machine skills, and making something fabulous and creative to take away.  

Price is £25 plus the cost of any materials required.  Full course details, including materials required,  will be sent out on registration,

Weekly Sewing Class


These after school course will run fortnightly in blocks of six sessions and are available for children ages 11+, on a Monday evening.

Classes run for 1.5 - 2 hours depending on age and experience.

Class sizes will be kept small, with no more than 4 children attending each class, so that I can work closely with them. 

Price will be £20 per session (for two hours every other week) and can be paid termly (6 sessions per term). Lessons will teach progressive skills each week.   

The course will cover operating a sewing machine safely, cutting fabrics and patterns safely, and will give students an introduction to cushion making, dressmaking, bag making and gifts. 

The course content may vary but will include some or all of the following (please note, this will be dependent on speed of work and confidence of the students. It is important they are comfortable with each technique/lesson before moving on to the next project):

- sewing safely, operating a sewing machine, practise stitching and techniques session. 

- making a pin cushion for use on the remainder of the course

- making a envelope cushion

- making a washbag or similar

-introduction to zips, buttons and buttonholes

- an introduction to patterns - understanding symbols and markings

-beginner dressmaking skills


-and much more!

Booking 11+ Workshops & Courses


For further information on sewing courses for children or workshops or to book a space please call Siobhan 07789 074615 or email on courses@salledecouture.co.uk

Alternatively, please follow me on facebook or instagram for instant updates.  Courses are based near Royston and are only 20 minutes from Cambridge.